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glock 45 vs 19

SIG P320 vs Glock 19. The Glock 45 has all the features of Gen5 Glock pistols, including a Glock Marksman barrel, which is based on the polygonal barrel design for enhanced accuracy. The Glock 36 is a subcompact .45 ACP using Glock’s SLIMLINE design. Glock has never been a company to ignore police requests.Â. And two of their early models are still considered some of the best options for 9mm handguns today. [ARCHIVED THREAD] - Glock 19 vs Glock 45. I have both the G45 and the 19X I like the G45 hands down. The G45 is not just a black G19X though. Glock has released several pistols in recent years, however the Glock 19x and Glock 45 are at the top of the radar for most people. This means the new Gen 5 magazines won’t fit. It took just a few short months for Glock to get a similar version available in black to the market. The Coyote Tan was a deal breaker on the 19X. But while we’re here in Distractionville, check out the G41, it … This is a table top rundown of the characteristic differences between the Glock Model 45, the Glock 19X and the Gen 5 Glock 19 9mm pistols. 0%. These models are the Glock 17 and the Glock 19. Sitting in a full-sized vehicle like a Crown Vic was challenge enough. But, I’m not a fan of the G45 as a carry gun (the longer grip of the G45 negates the purpose I wanted to buy the G19 for.) Both Sig pistols have the same size grip and ammo count. The G45 has nice ballance and feels great in hand, I find it points well, I have two Gen 5’s, and love them, I think this G45 will end up in my carry rotation…. One last comment the 19x shoots the first time I picked one up I cleaned steel bowling pin rack 3 times in a row with out a miss. I anticipate purchasing a G45 in the near future, as I do enjoy the lengthened grip. Get the 45 hands down!!!! Your email address will not be published. I have several older Glocks and I got the 19x because the mags are all interchangable. Concealed Carriers have been chopping the grip off of Glock 17 pistols for years. Every question I had thought of and a few points that I never considered were covered in this article. It’s not a .45 caliber. 0%. The Glock G19X comes with 17 & 19 round magazines. So they let me field strip both the G44 and G19 and I guess in all the excited I forgot which parts with which one. I’m going to buy the G45 with Ameriglo sights. Haven’t torn the G45 down to see….but does it have the maritime striker cups like the 19X? You can, of course, carry the same 19 round magazines with the G19.Â, However, the bigger Glock G17 frame works much better with the extended mags.Â. Glock entered the G19 MHS into the Modular Handgun System program (along with every other company that hoped to make hundreds of millions of dollars). I like these 2 models better than any other Glock I’ve ever handled, probably due to the lack of finger grooves (hate finger grooves). To start viewing messages, select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. The Glock is a block of plastic. Why buy a 9mm Conversion barrel for the Glock 40 Caliber? I held it the G45 and was sold. L x W x H: 6.96” x 1.27” x 4.80” Barrel Length: 3.77” Weight Unloaded: 22.95oz; 3. It features a slightly longer barrel length (4.17″) and thinner frame. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Glock G19X only has most of the Gen 5 upgrades. Date: June 27, 2020 G37 17 19 19x 23 26 27 34 36 45 9mm glock pistol. also offers forward cocking serrations and the ability to add an optic. They tend to want smaller grips (certainly not all of them though). Thanks for the article. The Glock 19 is one of the Austrian gun manufacturer’s most popular pistols as many consider the original Glock 17 too large and other Glocks … Generation 4 (Gen 4) Glock 34 9mm Review (HD), Is The Gen 5 Glock Worth Upgrading To? Change it, I prefer the extra 2 rounds. Glock has started adding these front serrations to more of their pistols. Walther PPS M2 vs S&W Shield M2.0 (with pictures). A password reset link will be sent to you by email. The GLOCK 19 is billed as being better for people with smaller hands, but only marginally so; the trigger reach (the distance from the back of the pistol grip to the front face of the trigger) is only 0.03 inches longer on the GLOCK 17 vs GLOCK 19. Your email address will not be published. It also has the metal night sights that sway me to the x over the 45. As mentioned earlier, the Glock G19X was being eyeballed hard by many police officers as the perfect duty pistol. I’m 6’7″ & have pretty big mitts so as much as a liked the size of the G19, the G17 was so much more comfortable in my hands. GLOCK 45 - Compact Crossover in black The compact crossover pistol G45 in 9x19mm combines a compact slide with a full size frame and has all the benefits of a Gen5 model. Instead, Glock offered up a pistol that feels like a Glock G17 but with a little quicker handling and balance due to the G19-length barrel and slide. Many expected Glock to offer up a Glock 17 variant to the MHS competition.Â. Keep up the reviews, they are great! The 19x is super wack. Glock 36. I didnt see where you say the 19x has the better night sights vs standard in the 45. The Colt .45 M1911 was the principal sidearm from of various law enforcement agencies from 1911 to 1985. G45 – The Latest in Glock Evolution. The G45 has a surprising additional feature. Both of these pistols feature a full size Glock 17 frame, but with a shorter Glock 19 slide. There are a few differences. The shorter barrel won’t poke your seat.Â. Glock 17 vs Glock 45; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. From the GLOCK press release: Today, GLOCK, Inc. announced a new addition to the 9X19 family of pistols featuring the latest in design and engineering seen in the 5th Generation of GLOCK pistols. Clinger Holsters designs comfortable and adjustable holsters. I know that’s pretty much a Glock 19 but I really don’t like the cutout.”, It’s a matter of preference really as to whether or not you prefer a cutout in the grip or not.Â, Unless Coyote Tan is your favorite color, the obvious choice here is the Glock G45. The longer grip will accommodate a wider variety of hand sizes than the Glock 19. The Glock 45, like the bulk of their pistols, has a black frame, slide, barrel and controls. ... 9mm Vs .45 – Let’s be blunt a 9mm is a lot like a .22. Are you deciding between them? The longer magazines look and feel better in the G17 frame than in the G19 frame. Plus, it’s less likely to pinch your hand during reloads. All rights reserved. Glock fans love Glocks for many reasons. Both take 9mm cartridges, both are made from the same high-quality mix of steel and polymer, and both of them a… 0 views. Their loss is our gain.Â. So what changes did Glock make to the Glock G19X to “create” the Glock G45? Home G37 Glock 45 vs 19. I was just going to figure some way to deal with the length when behind the wheel. It’s black. Outstanding review, spot on with every detail. The flared mag well on the newer Gen 5 pistols helps guide the magazine in easier and faster during reloads. Losing the manual safety was the primary change to the Glock G19 MHS that Glock made to “create” the Glock G19X. Some will prefer the Glock G17 for home defense and sometimes even Concealed Carry. That being said though, Glock fans are coming out in droves and snapping up these latest pistols specifically for their daily carry loadout. There’s the first hint of who Glock designed these pistols for: They have a service pistol-sized grip.Â, The Glock G19X was designed for the US military…sort of.Â, The Glock G19 MHS was designed for the MHS competition held by the US Army.Â. As one who has accumulated a pile of 17 and 15 round G17,G19 magazines I do not have to go out and buy new magazines. OK, all of that said, then I got my hands on a Model 45 at the Glock Booth at the Modern Day Marine Expo in Quantico. Any extra room they can gain in their seat will be welcome. Glock has never produced a model number that coincided with a caliber of the same number. Steve. Both are duty purpose designs for MIL/LEO respectively. Outstanding article – thx! This works out for civilians too! Simplicity and the lack of “unnecessary“ controls are two of the biggest reasons. Both of our competitors are striker-fired pistols chambered in 9mm, which is one of the most popular self-defense rounds. It had as many bullets as the Glock 17 with the “easier to live with” barrel length of the Glock 19.Â. This would be a welcome upgrade to many police. The 19X and G45 just feel right. Glock brand pistols have become the standard of semi-automatic polymer pistols. Want the short answer now between the Glock G45 vs Glock G19X? Again, everything you mentioned is spot on & so now I’m waiting for my Model 45 to come in. The Explorer is like riding in a clown car for me. 0%. You’ll get the benefits of a full-sized frame plus the benefits that come with the shorter barrel.Â. With tons of gear on their belts and tons of electronics and gear in their vehicle, police don’t have much wiggle room behind the wheel of their vehicles. They both are “1911 Commander-ish” size guns, competing with the Sig P320 Carry, FN-509, VP9 and a few others I’m forgetting that also have the similar full size grip and shorter slide length. One of the hot debates among GLOCK owners is the difference between GLOCK 43 vs 19 and which one is better. 0 05:16. Glock introduced a 'new' pistol this week. I’d actually go out on a limb (remember, I’m not a Glock Lover) I may be in love with the 19x! I’d carry it on duty if I could but alas I can’t so the G45 rides in my duty holster & that’s OK. I’d love to know however just why the 19x feels better to me. What do you think? Glock vs 1911, will the best everyday carry handgun please stand up. They have finally developed a good trigger. However, I carry the P229 much more often because it doesn’t jack my belt up when I sit down. Glock 48 vs. Glock 19 Size Comparison. It had as many bullets as the Glock 17 with the “easier to live with” barrel length of the Glock 19.. Because (most) police aren’t concerned with concealment, they wouldn’t want to give up the ammo capacity of the G17 to switch to the G19. The 19x feels & handles better to me. Is South Africa the G45 comes with 2 17round mags and the 19x with a 17 + 2 x 19 mags. glock 37 impression and carry, a few mods coming for the g37. The Glock 19 is definitely larger than the M&P9c, but it holds a few more rounds and has an extra half inch of barrel. Gen 4 Vs Gen 5, Glock 30S Subcompact .45 ACP Pistol Introdution and Range Review Part 1. The SIG P320 Compact has very similar dimensions as the Glock 19. What benefits would prompt someone to reach for the Glock G19X or G45 instead of a Glock G19 or G17? Many shooters say the Glock G17 frame is more comfortable than the compact G19 frame.Â. Glock 37 Gen 3. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. But the P229 carries much better. And I do mean tried because it kept being snatched out of my hands after ever string of fire. The G48 looks like a skinny version of the G19. How To Store & Stage Your Guns For Home Defense. About Share. The Gen 5 pistols are supposed to be the most reliable Glock pistols to date based on Glock tests. When designing the G19 MHS, they envisioned a Colt Commander sized pistol as an ideal military sidearm. This is one of the best review articles explaining exactly WHY the Glock 19X and G45 exist and WHO they were designed for. As mentioned earlier, the Glock G19X was being eyeballed hard by many police officers as the perfect duty pistol. We consider these to be the lowest prices available and, in fact, they are the lowest price that the Glock factory will allow us to advertise and sell these handguns. Many shooters hate the cutout in the front of the Glock Gen 5 grip. Let's look at each individually and then see how they differ. Opening Day Hunt! Your email address will not be published. That’s a lot of ammo. 0 0. This means that it is classified as a compact, and not a full-sized pistol.Beyond this, the guns are actually very similar. You can shoot them all day and it takes little to no effort. AR15.COM is the world’s largest firearm community and is a gathering place for firearm enthusiasts of all types. The longer grip also means the Glock 45 is not While smaller and easier to carry around than the G30 variants, the biggest drawback of the G36 is its 6+1 capacity. The M&P Shield is definitely larger than the Glock 43. Needless to say I quickly reassembled the GLOCK 44 and GLOCK 19 before I was embarrassed. Utilizing the design and engineering GLOCK developed for its military pistol (G19X), combined with Operator and worldwide Law Enforcement specifications. It’s based on the Glock G19X and designed for Police duty. These pistols were not designed for Concealed Carry. Ahh lifes little pleasures! A big problem I’m finding with the 19X is the muzzle is starting to get black from shooting it a lot and it’s getting harder to clean it. So many bashers of both these guns from people not understanding why Glock released them. The Glock G19X has no clear advantages; unless you consider color and a lanyard loop advantages.Â. The Glock G19X uses the older Gen 4 Magazines. Thank you for writing this review Chris. Related videos. How it All Started The history of GLOCK is a rather short one but full of excitement as the fairly new company, founded in 1979, quickly rose to firearm stardom. It shoots amazing. If you can live without front slide serrations and you think a Coyote Tan Glock is too hard to pass up, by all means, get the Glock G19X. The G19X pistol is the commercial version of the Glock MHS that was designed to meet the evaluations of the Modular Handgun System solicitations of … Front serrations are preferred by some for press checking their pistol. If you’re in the market for a Glock, you should consider these five models and choose one that fits best for you. For instance, the Sig P226 is an amazing gun. Before we look at the differences between the Glock G19X vs Glock 45, let’s look at the similarities. From: Aimie. G.A.P. While a longer barrel does have some advantages – accurate long shots & more muzzle velocity – the shorter barrel comes with its advantages. I’d look for them to add them to many more models in the future. The Glock 45 seems to be an option that is aimed squarely at Law Enforcement. Required fields are marked *. They are the Glock 34, Glock 22, Glock 26, Glock 17, and Glock 19. Comfort Cling Holsters usually ship within 1-2 days. Two of them (the Glock G45 vs Glock G19X) are very similar. I tried to qualify with it. 1 14:14. When you compare the Glock 45 and Glock 19, it’s a slight apples vs oranges comparison, because the 45 is actually a Glock 17 frame and a 19 slide under there. The Glock 19 Gen 5 M.O.S. 17 +1 (9mm Luger) 19 +1 (9mm Luger) 24 +1 (9mm Luger) 31 +1 (9mm Luger) 33 +1 (9mm Luger) The Glock 45 added the front serrations, removed the lanyard loop of the Gen 4 19, and made the trigger distance more adjustable than the 19 models. Glock vs M1911 comparison. I just wished they have a G19 or G19X for .45 ACP (hey, I can dream!). I have both G19 and G17 Gen5. Those with bigger hands can get pinched when reloading the Glock G19. Great job…I already shared it with friends! They work great for Concealed Carry if you’re not scared of a service pistol-sized grip. Glock also put a manual thumb safety on the G19 MHS.Â. Absolutely love it. Especially in the right Glock 19X holsters and Glock 45 holsters. The front of the 19X magazines are already so black I can’t get it clean very disappointing so with that said get the G45 and avoid the hype of the 19X. Police have been Glock’s bread and butter for decades. I have both. The Gen 5 magazines have a longer base plate that extends further forward. I like them both (I’m not a Glock Fan-Boy, they don’t fit my chunky hands). The shorter barrel mated to the full-size grip balances very well in the hand.Â, It handles very well at the range. While a longer sight radius can help with long shots, a shorter sight radius is quicker to get on target. It helped me a lot in deciding towards the G19X (for now) but also setting space and $$ aside for the G45. Both are “crossover” pistols using Glock 17 frames with Glock 19 Slides and barrels. 0 00:20. The Sig 229 is a gorgeous piece of mechanical engineering. Also, who did Glock design these pistol for?Â. I have both the 19x & G45. Practice can help prevent the mag pinch of the shorter G19 frame but it is one drawback for some shooters. It has a tiny bit of pre-travel and a real break. Glock vs M&P: Ergonomics “My pinky finds that dang cutout every time! Each model has its differences in features and also its own advantages and disadvantages. For people saying the coyote tan is a deal breaker you can get it changed, go check out Omaha outdoors plumb or cerakote blue, or black if you want black. The G45 also has a beveled and flared magazine well as all Gen 5 Glocks do. Glock 45 vs. Glock 19 This compact slide makes the gun much more streamlined and easier to aim down the sights because it doesn’t feel bulky in any way. I normally CCW a 19, but the grip is a little short for guys with bigger hands. It does have the advantage of making it easier to rip out a sticky magazine. Most civilians will reach for the Glock G19 for Concealed Carry or home defense. I got one Friday and shot it today. It has front serrations on the slide. It’s the perfect gun for us out in the field working the streets. AR-15 AK-47 Handgun Precision Rifles Armory Training Competitive Shooting General Outdoors Archery Hometown Industry. This is becoming far more common on carry handguns. The GLOCK 45 combines the fast handling of the GLOCK 19 compact-sized slide with the full-size frame as a compact Crossover. The G43X has a slightly wider in body at 1.10″. I bought the G45 the same day it came out. The Gen 3 Glock 17 and Gen 3 Glock 19 both cost $499.00 where the Gen4 Glock 17 and Gen4 Glock 19 both cost $547.00. That same principle applies to the Glock 17 VS Glock G45. The longer base plate is supposed to make it easier to yank out stuck magazines. Thank you glock. Glock tweaked the Glock G19 MHS and named it the Glock G19X before releasing it to the public. I currently have P320s (in both full and compact size) and I have to say I do like the full size grip better than the compact, but the shorter barrel make it the ideal truck gun (not a hell of a lot of space to move around when needed). Glock 45 vs. Glock 19x. DEER HUNTING WITH GLOCK 20! Before we get into the Glock 19X compared to the Glock 19 Gen 5, it is essential to understand the reason the 19X was designed. I perfer the 19x sights all day long. Your email address will not be published. The G45 accepts all generation mags. While the G19X looked like a Gen 5 pistol, it was more like a Gen 4.5. GLOCK 44 vs GLOCK 19 Gen 5 by Robert Sadowski December 10, 2019. So, during those times when I know, I’m going to be on foot and not in and out of a vehicle, I’ll strap on the Model 17. The full size Glock and the full size M&P are about the same size. Glock 17 The story of the Glock 17 begins in the 1980s. ARCHIVED; Handguns » Glock. Those models morphed into the original Gen5 G17 and G19 models, and the early units included the cutouts. The Glock 45 has three major changes from the 19X. Taking on the Crossover design of the GLOCK 19X and the superior GLOCK … To better understand this Glock G45 VS Glock G19X comparison, we need to dive a little deeper into both pistols’ background. Enter the username or e-mail you used in your profile. The G19X doesn’t have the flared mag well. Let’s get some basics out of the way, for those of you who are new to this debate. The Army wanted the MHS pistol to be flat dark earth or something similar. A G45 (45th patent) in 9X19, it's a G19 slide on a G17 size frame. Not a huge fan of extended grips (full size grips), but do like the extra ammo capacity in all crossover guns. You did not mention the one advantage the 19x has over the 45 and that is it uses the old style magazines. A Glock costs about $80 to produce and a Sig costs about $300 to produce, so clearly higher production cost is a higher cost. Both guns are the perfect choice Don’t like the tan? Looking from straight-on, the G43X and G43 have the same slide width. Also I do not have to be concerned with mixing up new Gen 5 magazines with my older magazines. The pistol’s slide sports front slide serrations for better purchase during loading and unloading, malfunction clearing or press checking to ensure there is a round in the chamber. Neither was ever built for the conceal carry market. The Glock 19 is top of the crop when it comes to popularity. The Glock is available in five different models. A Glock 19 can cost as little as $525 new with two mags. The G19X is the civilian version of the G19 MHS. The G45 has front slide serrations and a flared mag well.Â. The shorter barrel will be more comfortable in the cramped seat of a police cruiser. The magazine base plate and the bottom of the grip can pinch your skin pretty good if you’re not careful. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "abe35dfd6350c3bf74f0bea157fd6abe" );document.getElementById("i9d5eaa6bb").setAttribute( "id", "comment" );, The cutouts on the front strap were included on the G17M and G19M at the insistence of the FBI, for whom the models were built. They also both come with accessory rails for attaching lights and lasers. Like. With its full-size frame and compact slide, the G45 is perhaps best considered as a duty pistol or home-defense gun. I recently bought a Glock 45 on impulse (The LGS didn’t have the Glock 19 Gen 5 in stock that I originally intended to buy.) But it didn’t quite fit the bill. The Glock Gen 5 pistol lineup has proven to be the most reliable pistol Glock has ever tested. This is an issue for some people though it is lost on me. But giving up an inch of barrel length doesn’t have any major drawbacks. Man this guy can write. It’s rare but has been reported on many forums and Youtube videos. The Glock 26 is much closer in size to the M&P9c, though slightly smaller. The Glock G45 has all of the new Gen 5 upgrades. Love the way both models feel in hand. Maybe a Tahoe or Expedition would be better but you gotta deal the hand you are dealt. You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. However, the cutouts proved to be unpopular, and have now been discontinued. ARMAS- GLOCK 37 en 45. However, it’s important to note that the Glock G45 isn’t just a black G19X. So comfortable, in fact, you'll Conceal Carry everyday. 1 06:50. Because (most) police aren’t concerned with concealment, they wouldn’t want to give up the ammo capacity of the G17 to switch to the G19. The Glock is now popular with several police force units but the M1911 still has its fans and may yet see a resurgence. Police have been eyeballing the Glock G19X for duty. I hate that thing.”, “Has anyone chopped down the Glock G19X yet? So if you are new to the game I can see why you would go with the 45 but for those of us who have been enjoying shooting the most reliable handgun on the planet you will want the 19x. I don’t carry, but I have a friend that carries the G19X and he swears by it and says that there is almost negligible printing. I was not disappointed with the 19x being in law enforcement. If you want a quick-handling gun with the advantages of a full-sized grip and large bullet count, these two crossover pistols from Glock will be just what you’re looking for. 0%. The Glock 30SF (right) vs the Glock 30S (left) The details. The Glock G19X and Glock G45 have a solid front strap.Â. Glock has been releasing a ton of new pistols lately. The Glock 17 and the Glock 19 are, essentially, the same gun, except that the Glock 19 has a slightly smaller barrel and grip. Glock 47: The Glock 47 is a full-sized MOS version created for U.S. Customs and Border Protection that has full parts compatibility with a Glock 19, meaning a G47 slide can be put on a G19 frame to give the G19 a longer slide, barrel, and sight radius, or a G19 slide can be put on a G47 frame to create a pistol the functions like a Glock 45. The largest and most obvious change is the color. Glock 45 vs 19. I prefer the longer grip on th G17. Apart from the full-grown grip of the GLOCK 17 combined with the slightly shortened 102 mm barrel and matching slide of a GLOCK 19, this 9 Para pistol also offers factory front cocking serrations.Otherwise, the GLOCK 45 hardly differs from other Gen5 9 mm models: controls on both sides, no finger grooves, and the GMB barrel are also part of the basic equipment. Powered by, glock 37 impression and carry, a few mods coming for the g37, Glock Model 37 & 39, 45 GAP shooting steel on the backyard range at 17 yards. About AR15.COM. Glock didn’t win the half-billion-dollar contract with the G19 MHS but all was not lost. The shorter, lighter slide means less-pronounced muzzle-flip and its larger grip means more ammo capacity and slightly better control opportunities. Cutouts were never used on any other Gen5 models.

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